What we shoot at the club.

22 Target Rifle

Prone Rifle, as its name suggests, is shot from the prone position, i.e. lying on the ground. The rifles are heavy, single shot .22 target rifles with aperture sights. New starters are first taught how to use the rifle and sights using a supported rifle before moving on to using a jacket and sling.

Another discipline for .22 Target Rifle is Benchrest. With this shooting is done sitting at a bench with the fore end of the rifle supported on a benchrest (a heavy solid support), the rear of the rifle must be supported by the shooter. Benchrest can be shot using the same aperture sights as prone, but is more commonly shot using a telescopic sight.

Muzzle Loading Pistol / Revolver

Muzzle Loading Pistols and Revolvers are replicas of historic firearms. As the name implies they are loaded from the muzzle with black powder and lead ball, revolvers are loaded in a similar manner for the front of the cylinder. This is a very demanding discipline but, in particular, the single shot pistols can be very accurate in the right hands. We have members who shoot muzzle loaders at international level.

Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle Small Bore GRSB (also known as Sport Rifle) and Gallery Rifle Centre Fire GRCF are shot at 20 yards. Sport Rifle (GRSB) is 10 shots per round for individual competitions and 20 shots per round for team competitions. GRSB is also used for Rapid Fire Rifle which is based on the old Standard Pistol competition, this is over 30 shots per round comprising two strings of five shots in 150 seconds each, followed by two strings of five shots in 20 seconds and two strings of five shots in 10 seconds. GRCF is a slow fire competition of 20 shots per round and is shot with .38/.357 or .44 rifles.

Air Rifle

Air rifles used for 10 metres are .177 calibre using iron sights. At 20 yards we shoot Sport Rifle where air rifles of 177 and .22 may be used with either iron or optical sights (any sights). 10 metre competitions are usually 20 shots per round while the 20 yard comps are either 10 or 20 shots. Open Shoots are also held where the course of fire is 60 shots, usually shot twice.

Air Pistol

Air pistols used are .177 calibre, mostly powered by compressed air although some spring powered guns are still about. These are charged from a high pressure diving bottle. The postal competitions are mostly 20 shots per round (either 5 shots on each of 4 targets or in the case of the NSRA 4 shots on each of 5 targets). Open Shoots are also held where the course of fire is 60 shots, usually shot twice.