The Range is sited on a busy Athletics and Park Area, from time to time there is cause to close the access to the Athletics Stadium for public safety. See below the dates we are aware of.

June 9                     race for life               access after 2.00pm


July  13-14              madness concert      access on Sat 13  will require to show club membership to get past security 

                                                                 no access on Sunday 14


Aug   4                   Jess Glyn concert       no access 


Aug    17                Fake festival             we have access but need to drive slow and watch for walkers.


29  Sept                children cancer run    access after 2.00pm


6 Oct                    Cumbrian fun run       No  access 


31 oct                   halloween                  children who are disabled     access but watch when driving .


3/4 Novmber        Fireshow                    No access